In order to be convicted of reckless driving, the prosecution must provide evidence showing more than mere negligence. Similarly, determining whether conduct rises to the level of “unreasonable interference” or “endangerment” requires the presence of “additional aggravating acts or circumstances beyond a single violation of a rule of the road.

I have successfully defended numerous reckless driving cases. In defending your rights there are a number of ways that I can apply pressure on the prosecutor to negotiate a dismissal of the charge or win your case in court. One good defense is to show that there were no additional “aggravating acts” beyond the bounds of a mere traffic violation. For example, if I were to prove that all you did was violate a speeding or lane change law without engaging in any erratic or out-of-the-ordinary conduct, you will likely be able to get the reckless driving charge dismissed or greatly lowered.

Don’t delay in calling our office. If you are charged with reckless driving in New York State it is serious business and it is imperative that you have an experienced reckless driving defense attorney, representing you in court.