What happens next is that you often:

A) End up paying higher fines and/or

B) Get more points on your license which jumps your insurance rates

Here is what frequently occurs:

You get a ticket for speeding, and they want $600 dollars in fines and three points on your license. You agree to plead guilty, waiving any assistance of counsel, and get a “deal” of only having to pay $300 or $400 dollars and get two points on your license. Sounds like a good deal? Not really when you consider that your insurance rates may go up every month for the next couple years. Even if you negotiate what you think at the time is a “good” deal for yourself, let’s say you keep the points to a couple so that your insurance only goes up say $100-$150 per month – that is still potentially over $2000-$3000 over the next few years, when you include the insurance spikes, court fines and administrative fees. Not such a good “deal” anymore when a lawyer who does this for a living can often get you no points or structure a true plea DEAL where you may pay a lesser fine upfront but avoid triggering the points and save thousands on your insurance – and all for often a fraction, of the cost. So which would you rather pay a couple hundred dollars now to get a lawyer to fight your NY speeding ticket, or a couple hundred extra every month for the next couple of years in insurance premium hikes?

You may not know it, but when you get a moving violation, you enter the complex bureaucracy of your local municipal or county traffic court where negotiation is very often the rule as opposed to the exception. Most people do NOT know this which is why a full 90% of traffic offenders make the mistake of paying their ticket rather than fight it in court or have an attorney help them.

Aside from the points, a speeding conviction may lead to your license being suspended or even revoked. Some judges elect to suspend drivers for just one 8 point or 11 point speeding conviction. Others may wait for two speeding convictions. Three speeding convictions within eighteen months will result in an automatic and mandatory 6 month license revocation.

Violation Points Violation Points
Unreasonable Speed 3 Speeding (mph over posted limit)
1 to 10 3 11 to 20 4
21 to 30 6 31 to 40 8
More than 40 11 Reckless Driving 5

New York Driver Responsibility Assessment

With every moving violation (even repeated minor infractions) that you are convicted of, you can expect more points to be added to your license. If you get 6 or more points within an 18 month period, the DMV will fine you a surcharge known as the “Driver Responsibility Assessment.” For drivers with 6 points, the fine is $100 and it must be paid once a year to the DMV for 3 years. An additional $25 per year for three years will be added to the Driver Responsibility Assessment for every point over 6.

Taking a Driver’s Safety Class to Reduce the Points on Your New York License

Contrary to popular belief, taking a driver’s safety class in New York does not actually remove points from your driving record. This means your auto insurance company will still be able to see the points and increase your insurance rates accordingly.

What the driver’s safety class does is give you a credit of up to 4 points for tickets you have already received at the time you take the class, thereby expanding the total number of points you’re allowed to accumulate before your license gets suspended.