As your lawyer, I am fully committed to defending you and I honor my commitment by:

I pride myself on developing effective strategies that fit my clients' needs, and on being a forceful, persuasive advocate. I equally pride myself on having compassion and respect for each client, listening attentively to whatever my clients tell me, and applying my best efforts to resolving their concerns.

Though each situation is different, my aim is always the same: to achieve the best result possible for each client. In a particular case, the best result possible might be joint custody or equitable distribution of marital property. It might be the peace of mind that a loved one has in their golden years. It might be dismissal of the charges, or acquittal at trial. The best result might be a guilty plea that results in a shorter prison term than could otherwise be achieved. The best result might be lesser charge that enables a person to pay substantially less fines and retain their license to drive. You will determine which result I seek. I will do my best to achieve your goal.

I can promise you this. You will not find a law firm in this state who better understands how to negotiate your position with other lawyers and prosecutors or one who understands better courtroom strategy to achieve justice in your favor then the law office of Joel R. Salinger, P.C. I have successful represented individuals and corporations against an impressively broad range of matrimonial, family law, and criminal charges and I will do the same for you, so help me G-d.